In addition to using natural flavors, we add real ingredients to our beverages. Next time you pick up a bottle, take a look at the number on the front of the label. The numbers highlight specific ingredients for their health benefits and functionality. Some, like matcha, play major roles in our beverages, while others like spirulina or cacao are the supporting cast. They are all stars of the show, so they deserve special treatment.


Rookie year. The new kid on the block. Our antioxidant-rich freshman lineup.



Country of Origin: Japan

Description: Tea leaves stone ground into a fine, jade-green powder. Veins are removed from leaves after a three-week period of shade-growing. Smooth, earthy, and slightly sweet.

Antioxidant Highlights:



Country of Origin: China

Description: Blue-green filamentous cyanobacterium that grows in microscopic spirals and is harvested and turned into a fine dark green powder. Mild in flavor. 

Antioxidant Highlights:

Numbers Cacao-01.png


Country of Origin: Ecuador

Description:  Fine, free-flowing, dark brown powder from raw cacao beans that are pressed and ground. Bitter and savory.

Antioxidant Highlights:


Anti-inflammatory and electrolyte-rich hydration. Coming early 2020.