You’re probably familiar with caffeine, but let’s review. Your brain contains adenosine, a central nervous system neuromodulator that slows down brain activity when bound to its receptors. Caffeine binds to these adenosine receptors and prevents adenosine from binding.

Now take a deep breath.

L-theanine is an enantiomeric version of theanine, and theanine is a primary amino acid analogue of the amino acid glutamic acid and its primary amide L-glutamine. Phew. Okay so why do we care?

L-theanine can cross the blood-brain barrier and has been shown to reduce mental and physical stress. And when you put L-theanine and caffeine together, they have been shown to exhibit a synergistic effect, further boosting mood and cognitive performance. The caffeine in matcha is metabolized slower because of its interaction with L-theanine, providing a longer-lasting, more stable focus. Read more >